Not only did I act as general factotum to my feline charges I also had the property’s idiosyncrasies to cope with. The generator, I was soon to learn, had developed a fault! I was made aware of this by my Client, who’d left me the number of her power supplier so I could report any problems. And so it was that half-way through washing-up the dinner dishes whilst listening to The Archers the house was plunged into darkness, the sudden silence only broken by my sudden expletive!! I groped about the pitch-black kitchen, my hands dripping, blindly searching for a towel. Instead I discovered a cat and dried my mitts on it! I needed a torch or my mobile phone, both of which were in the spare bedroom with the rest of my belongings. As I stumbled out of the kitchen into the lounge I came into contact with another cat! Either their eyesight was just as ineffectual as mine in the dark or, as I suspected, this was payback for not letting them sleep on my bed!! Arms outstretched I slowly lurched across the lounge, ricocheting off the furniture. An indignant yowl and hiss came out of nowhere as I trod on moggie number three, or was it the same unfortunate cat?! Finally, with much flailing of arms and a few choice curses I made it to my room and picked up my mobile phone from the bedside table just as normal service resumed and the lights dazzled back into life!