I am looking after what must be the biggest dog in Cornwall! He is a Grizzly bear of a canine, thankfully without its irascible nature! In fact he is a real sweetie and lucky for me, well-behaved on the lead.

Think Newfoundland and St Bernard dogs rolled into one and you have Bear, a very hairy bear. He is a juggernaut of a dog eliciting comments on his size from almost everyone we meet. No, I won’t be saddling him up anytime soon and no, he hates hills so I’m the one who pulls him up them, just in case you were thinking of asking!

The other day on a particularly long walk I was ‘caught short’ and had to make use of a public toilet. Not wanting to leave Bear tied up outside for any passing dog-napers, I decided to take him into the cubicle with me. This proved tricky but not impossible! There was a moment when Bear had his head stuck down the toilet pan but somehow he squeezed in managing to turn around once I’d shut the door. With his gaze averted, Bear looked rather confused and slightly embarrassed but nowhere near as confused as the woman we passed on our way out!