On returning from my last pet sit I was surprised to discover my family home had become a respite stop for a bewildered homing pigeon! It was a hot day so I put out some water and a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds for it.

“Don’t make yourself too comfortable” I told the bird, “you’re not stopping!”

As the day wore on and our guest seemed to be making himself at home (I say him, only another pigeon or pigeon fancier would know for sure) I became concerned that someone would be scanning the skies for their pigeon’s return and decided to put out an APB on Radio Local asking “Would the owner of a missing homing pigeon with white and blue leg rings please collect it from our shed roof!” Unfortunately, nothing came of the broadcast.

After typing into Google ‘what do I do if I find a homing pigeon in my garden?’ I was impressed by the amount of information my search came up with. Apparently I had to catch the pigeon before anyone would collect it, easier said than done! The numbers on the pigeon’s leg tag could be entered online to discover its owner and a volunteer would pick up the pigeon and return to whence it came.

Recently, a homing pigeon walked into our local pet shop, clever bird! It had flown all the way from Ireland and it’s owner was not inclined to have it back. Sadly, some pigeons who don’t make the grade get dispatched. The thought of poor Walter, it hadn’t taken me long to give him a name, becoming the main ingredient of a pie made me uncomfortable. However, catching Walter Pigeon is proving difficult as he is a very wary bird and so he is still at large. I have a suspicion that he doesn’t intend leaving and is waiting for me to turn the shed into a loft for discombobulated and inept birds like himself!