Well, it looks like Walter pigeon has packed up his belongings and left our halfway house just when I had managed to get close enough to copy down some of the details from his leg ring. He didn’t even leave a forwarding address, how rude! It may be that Walter was well rested enough to make his return flight home. Although, judging by the amount of corn he was getting through I was beginning to wonder if my plump pigeon visitor would ever be able to take off?!

I`m trying not to let myself dwell on what might have happened to him out there in the big bad world with all those raptor and feline predators. I was making slow progress trying to gain the Walters’s trust, hopefully someone else managed to catch him and he has been collected by a grateful owner who isn’t thinking of turning him into a pigeon pasty!

It had been suggested to me that I should net Walter but I decided that a botched attempt at capture could do more harm than good and that the box propped up with a stick trick might work for rabbits but our Walter seemed far too canny to fall for anything like that!