Without wishing to jinx things by announcing the obvious it seems that the month between Spring and Autumn is upon us! When I started my business as a home and pet sitter I envisioned balmy days of dog walking dressed in shorts and a t-shirt instead I spent most Summers wearing waterproofs and walking barmy dogs!

Although I enjoy the hot weather most of my charges don’t! Megan the Schnauzer and Jack the Labradoodle are no exception. Our walks are confined to the coolest parts of the day with regular but brief forays into the garden (which isn’t secure) for an empty. Between walks my canine companions can be found lounging on whichever balcony is coolest and has the most shade. Jack, being the more placid of the two is happy to while away the hours sleeping. However, Meg is a busy dog and likes to know who’s coming and going, she then feels the need to alert the household to any potential intruders, which is great but her zeal extends to the many cats who frequent the grounds and all the garden birds who hopr along the paths and sit in the trees – how dare they!!