From our vantage point on the balcony and my latest charges, Meg the Schnauzer and Jack the Labradoodle have a perfect view of the garden and the many cats who use it as their thoroughfare and hunting grounds.

Most mornings after the dogs first walk my canine companions and I like to watch the comings and goings of garden life. It can be surprisingly busy and not overly relaxing at times as Meg and Jack like to mark the passing of each feline intruder with vigorous barking!

In the course of a morning we have witnessed the black cat with a bell on its collar, the white and black cat, the black and white cat, the Siamese cat, the fluffy black cat with white paws and the tabby cat all going about their business, usually on the flower beds, undeterred!

So, despite the manic protestations from both dogs the moggy trespassers return on a regular basis, all be it rather hurriedly, although there is one self-possessed tom cat with torn ears and bald patches, who strolls under the balcony giving the dogs a disdainful glance and a flick of its tail as the mutts fall over each other in their excitement and eagerness to get at him!!

Whilst watching Meg thrashing about in her sleep the other day, I wondered if she was dreaming of the neighbourhood moggies below the balcony tauntingly sticking their pink tongues out and blowing rasperries at her until in true super hero fashion she leaps over the railings, landing perfectly before chasing the startled felons up the lawn and out onto the moor!!