I always thought of myself as a robust individual, only suffering from the odd cold or minor stomach upset. That was until I went down with `The Dreaded Lurgy!’ My affliction’s onset was most untimely as I was in the middle of a sit for a houseful of animals! It was also frustrating that the medication prescribed to make me better instead made me violently ill!! The cats seemed unimpressed by the disruption to their daily routine and complained bitterly. However, the dog sat next to me for ages with his big liquid brown eyes full of concern. It could have been because he was hungry but I like to think he was worried about me?!

As the smell of the pet food had me dashing for the bathroom and I couldn’t even look at the cat’s litter trays without turning green I started to worry about how I was going to cope for the rest of the week. My canine charge needed taking out, being reluctant to empty himself in the garden and my `Significant Other’ was unable assist with any dog walking duties at the time although he came to my rescue by taking me to the hospital and by picking up my prescription and delivering it to my sick bed. In the end I telephoned my Mother who has dealt with quite a few cat litter trays in her time! I don’t think she expected to be brought out of retirement at the age of eighty-three to nurse her middle-aged daughter!! She stoically fed the the animals and cleaned up after them and me! Although my Mum readily volunteered to take the large, exuberant hound out I had to say no imagining her being dragged across the fields on her stomach still grimly hanging onto the lead and so I paid a neighbour to empty the dog for me.

Thankfully I was able to complete the sit with a lot of help, which I was very grateful for and it wasn’t too long before I was back to my old self!

It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how old you are your Mother is always your Mother!!