I am bracing myself for another sit at The House of Multiple Occupancy!! I did bulk a little when my newest Clients told me they had eight dogs and four cats!! Thankfully they are a very well-organized household, the four retrievers and four dachshunds know their places, on the sofa mostly!

I was delighted to find all the animals were very good-natured, well-adjusted, affable creatures and although most of my day was taken up with dog walking, there were still opportunities for play at home! On my last visit I watched in amusement as Daisy dachshund grabbed Hugo dachshund by the back leg and proceeded to pull him along the lino floor of the hall! Quite often I would witness a retriever with a dachshund hanging from one or both of its ears or attacking its tail with relish. It is unsurprising that the cats rarely leave the safety of the utility room work surfaces unless absolutely necessary!!

It became obvious to me that the four dachshunds did not think of themselves as small dogs. In their minds they stand as tall as the retrievers! Being short of stature does have its advantages if you want first dibs on the favoured toy and can nip under your taller rivals stomach or between their legs!!