`Well, that was a turn-up for the books!’ I said putting down the phone’s receiver.

`What’s that about turnips?!’ My Mother asked sticking her head around the kitchen door.

`Turn-up, a turn-up!! I replied, possibly a little louder than was necessary!

Having braced myself for another Christmas working in retail I was surprised to be contacted by the agency I temp for and told they had an assignment for me at my local library. Although they couldn’t guarantee how long I would be needed, the thought of walking to my place of employment and not having to fork out for train fares or grafting so late on a Thursday was very appealing and so I accepted.

Initially I would be required to work full-time, although my hours would decrease once the new member of staff began. This would mean I could still take any pet sitting bookings that might come my way.

And so here I am, shelving books, all the sticky and dog-eared ones are no more, we’ve been having a good weed! Which makes a change from emptying dogs! On the subject of dog emptying I bought three hundred and seventy-five eco-friendly, lavender-scented, heavy-duty, poo bags recently. Having put my fingers through the flimsy nappy sacks some of my clients use for clearing up after the canines on more than one occasion I decided enough was enough! However, the combined smell of three hundred and seventy-five lavender-scented poo bags in an enclosed space is enough to put an elephant to sleep so, rather than risking being knocked-out by the pungent fumes, I banished the box to the garage, which is now smelling more fragrant than a tart’s handbag!