No, this isn’t going to be the tale of a whale, nor is it a musing regarding the effect sprouts have on me or even a comment on the wild weather conditions we’ve been experiencing recently. This post is me bemoaning the fact that shelving books does not keep you fit, although it has proved very healthy for my bank account.

It didn’t take long for me to lose condition and despite going out on the occasional walk when shelving and daylight allowed I soon found that I was puffing like an asthmatic pit-pony up the slightest incline!!

These days when I go for a walk on my own I feel like I’ve left something behind! Exercising without a dog or two to anchor just doesn’t feel right. I won’t admit to creating an imaginary doggy companion who accompanied me on my rambles around the minor roads of my home town but if you witnessed me shouting into thin air and then lobbing sticks for no apparent reason perhaps all will seem a little clearer if somewhat disturbing!