On my first morning sitting for The Plaidy Lady, Helena was off her food and before I could pick-up her bowl Herc had wolfed the lot down! He is now known as Hercules `Two Breakfasts’ Hilton! Thankfully Hele’s appetite returned the next day.

I have discovered that Herc is excellent at digging holes in the sand, he becomes quite fixated by it and often they are so deep he disappears! I do warn other beach users to keep a look out for the potential man-traps!

Herc and Hele are partial to the large, smooth, stone pebbles scattered about the seashore. Despite me telling them to `drop’ the stones whilst proffering their tennis ball both dogs ignore my concerns for their teeth. In fact Herc usually takes his favourite pebble home with him only dropping it with a loud clunk on the decking next to my toes when I get the dog biscuits out of my pocket.

Neither Herc nor Hele are fond of the rain and if it comes in wet when we are down on the beach Hele will make her way home without us!