It is said that `If you lie-down with dogs, you get fleas!’ Living in such close proximity to Plaidy beach it is more a case of sandy sheets!

Despite giving both canines a good rub down with their designated towels before allowing them into the house I still find myself vacuuming up some of the beach. It doesn’t seem to be just my doggie companions bringing in the sand, after the recent wild weather I scratched my head in contemplation and discovered some of it amongst the roots of my hair, no, my brains were not leaking out! I also noticed that my skin was salty, especially my lips which normally only happens when I’ve been eating fish and chips!

Herc and Helle love roaming the sea-shore, snuffling through the seaweed and although they aren’t ones for dashing about madly being of a more mature age, like myself, they do get quite a lot of physical benefit from digging enormous holes in the sand and I get a certain amount of exercise from trying to fill in the holes so nobody falls into them.

On our excursions the we have witnessed some interesting happenings. Like the vividly beautiful rainbow, that poured out of jet black clouds straight into the sea and the chap who on New Year’s Day, got down on one knee, on an almost deserted Looe Bridge and proposed to his partner. She looked stunned but must have said yes because they were locked in an embrace as we passed them!