Now that I’m only sitting on the one poodle in Minehead I seem to have become her chief entertainer! Lola has always enjoyed a game of soft-toy tug-of-war or squeaky, rubber frog football but since her pal, Kleo was slept she is relentless! Kleo was Lola’s leveler, being the older dog she knew the house-hold `routine.’ Now all Lola thinks about is `PLAY!’ I let her out into the garden for a wee and she will first proffer me a toy. I closet myself in the downstairs loo and almost trip over her when I come out as she sits there waiting with something else for me to throw! We go for a two-hour hike over North Hill and the first thing she does on our return is pick-up her neon-pink rugby ball! She is a bright soul who has learnt very quickly that I will play with her in the evenings when the television adverts start and is there by my armchair ready! Should I become engrossed in a film and ignore her for any length of time she will occasionally let out a despairing sigh and flop down on the carpet in disgust but more often than not I will be made aware of her presence when she produces yet another play-thing from her box of toys, maybe thinking that I didn’t really like the last one, until I am surrounded by soggy, dodgy, slightly dog-eared objects.