Both the Lovely Lola and I are sporting new dos, Lola’s is more flattering than mine! She now looks like a regular Standard Poodle not a Silver-back Gorilla! I opted for a low maintenance cut some time ago and I understand that was the reasoning behind Lola’s new streamlined clip. Strangely I miss practicing my French-braiding on Lola’s 1970, soul-sister top-knot!

It was a good job that I still have a reasonable amount of hair left as this morning the air was sharp enough to give me ice-cream brain freeze, without the calories and to make me wish I had remembered my gloves! Lola’s coat is thick enough to keep out the cold although with all the dashing about up and down the banks after squirrels I think she was probably feeling quite warm.

As Lola crashed through the undergrowth for the umpteenth time and slithered to a halt just ahead of me I had to laugh, her fluffy ears were full of foliage and it gave her the look of a badly camouflaged poacher?!