As I spend a lot of my working life these days out-of-doors investing in suitable clothing is a given but what a price wet weather gear is! I had bemoaned the fact that none of my coats seemed to keep the rain out for some time and was delighted to receive a full-length Australian stock man style coat for my birthday. I had not been hinting, honestly!

The coat was a heavier weight than the previous similar ones I’d owned and I soon discovered that on mild damp days it didn’t breath as things became quite clammy underneath it! However, during the recent cold wet weather conditions it was invaluable. Unfortunately, after only having used my new coat on a couple of occasions the nylon zip stuck! I can still do the mac up I just have to step in and out of it when I want to put it on or take it off.

As it is the only really rain-repellent garment I own (apart from my Wellington boots) I also use it for non-pet-sitting purposes. It has proved a source of amusement to anyone who has seen me struggling in and out of it. I was the focus of many curious stares on a wet afternoon when I met a friend for coffee as I unintentionally blocked the waitresses pathway to the kitchen, hopping about and swearing under my breath whilst trying to maintain my balance and not get mud from my boots on the coat’s lining! All that commotion and then somebody remarked that there was a strong smell of wet dog, charming!