“We like this one.” My client told me handing over a squishy, neon-pink, rubber ball covered in soft rubbery spikes, Lola eyed it expectantly.

“It’s a good ball for indoors.” She said, I gave the ball a squeeze, it was pleasingly tactile.

“Watch out for the ornaments though, it does bounce some!” Was my client’s parting comment.

Everywhere I went over the next few days that neon-pink ball seemed to follow me. I would be washing-up the breakfast dishes and there it was at my feet, I would be watching evening television and it would suddenly appear on the arm of my chair, I’d open the bathroom door and find Lola sitting outside with it in her mouth! The most disconcerting place it turned up was at the top of the stairs, viewing it as a trip hazard I gave it a kick! The ball flew down the stairs into the hall closely followed by Lola who’d been waiting for me to do that very thing! Luckily there weren’t any nick-knacks to knock over. This then became our new indoor game, health and safety be damned!

Lola’s sheer delight as she charged after the flying missile, catching it when it rebounded off the wall at the bottom of the stairs was evident. Then she would gallop back up the stairs and place the ball directly in front of my right foot for me to repeat the exercise. Sometimes the ball would become caught-up in her fluffy ear hair then she would spin around and around trying she to grab it until I had to step-in and untangle the object of her fixated frustration!