And everywhere else it seems! There aren’t too many places to walk Lola at the moment that don’t involve mud. Luckily we do have access to Minehead beach.

One morning last week I decided that what Lola really needed was a visit to The Periwinkle Tea-rooms on Selworthy Green, we would both benefit from doing a few extra miles and I would certainly benefit from a slice of their delicious carrot cake! Unfortunately part-way between Woodcombe and Bratton our journey became quite perilous due to the path being a squelching, slippery mass of mud! It was somewhat unnerving to find my feet sliding backwards as I tried to make my way up the slightest of inclines! Even Lola lost her backend at one point as she cantered merrily through the mire.

Knowing that if we carried on to Selworthy we would have to return home the way we’d come I decided to forgo the cake in favour of remaining upright and took a different route. This then turned into a two-hour yomp through woodland and rolling fields, until we eventually reached a minor road and a sign stating it was two miles to Selworthy Beacon!

We were on the top of North Hill it was blowing a hooley. Being nowhere near the tea-room and not fancying the extra two miles just to look at a pile of rocks I put Lola on the lead and we turned towards what I hoped would be home along the unmarked, galvanised road. The crosswind flapped Lola’s long, fluffy ears across her face and she trotted blindly along beside. Thankfully I recognised where we were and it wasn’t long before we were walking down a more familiar sheltered path, passing some grazing Exmoor Ponies who seemed nonplussed by our presence.

So it was home to the warmth of the kitchen, red-cheeked, windswept and very muddy but still in one piece, just!