The other day I was up-to-my-ears in bunnies, nineteen of them! Oh and a grey British short-haired cat called Max. My clients breeds and shows Norwegian Dwarf rabbits and I must admit they are the cutest things I’ve ever seen, especially the babies. I was not required to do any `mucking-out’ as my clients were only away overnight, although, the way the hutches were set up with everything to hand it probably wouldn’t have taken all that long.

Pottering with so many bunnies turned out to be very therapeutic. I found myself talking to them with the peculiar voice that some adults reserve for small children and babies as I worked my way along the cages filling up their empty bowls. It was only when I looked up to see the Postman watching me with a bemused expression through the open garage door that I checked myself with a cough and a gruff `morning!’