My career as a home and pet sitter involves me spending a lot of sharing a bed with my Client’s animals (the smaller, domestic ones!) I thought, that on my recent trip to Australia, it would make a pleasant change to sleep in a dorm. A craving for human company but most of all, my budget, dictated that I book myself into an eight-bedded female room at a Youth Hostel in Melbourne. I must say that I have been very lucky with my room-mates in the past and on this occasion it seemed that these women were just as affable and well-adjusted. There only appeared to be a top-bunk free and so I claimed it by leaving my book and a towel on the unmade bed. Having `settled-in’ I went out to re-familiarize myself with the City. On my return I found my belongings on the desk, the only other piece of furniture in the room! After some detective work from the hostel’s slightly stressed receptionist, it was discovered that a we had bed hopper in our midst and I did in fact have somewhere to lay my head that night, not wanting to make a fuss I accepted it would have to be a bottom bunk. Happy, I made myself comfortable for some much-needed sleep after my long flight.

Now sharing a room requires some consideration and quite a bit of tolerance. Using a torch when getting up in the middle of the night for a pee instead of turning the main light on and startling your fellow room-mates into consciousness is worth remembering as is not leaving your open cases, clothes or any large objects in the middle of the dorm for someone to fall over! Which was what I did when waking at three in the morning and desperately needing to use the toilet I discovered the battery on my phone was dead and I didn’t have a torch. Not wanting to wake anyone I made my way in the dark to what I hoped was the door only to stub my toe on someone’s case conveniently left next to my bunk. I then managed to slip on a discarded garment only just managing to stay upright, causing me for the second time to come out with some very unsavory language. I left the dorm feeling hot and irritable and wide awake! It made a change from sharing a room with flatulent canines!