When I first met Ruby she was living the life of a house rabbit, trained to use a litter tray and happy to hop around on the utility room and kitchen floors. I learnt there and then that the small, ball of fluffy, fawn fur had a mind of her own! If she didn’t want to be picked up, she made it very difficult and If she didn’t want to be sociable, she’d turn her back on me. She was definitely a rabbit with an iron will!

Ongoing home improvements meant that a cat-flap was put in. It didn’t take Ruby long to learn how to get out through it and she wouldn’t come in again until she was completely ready!

On a recent sit I found the cat-flap had been removed and Ruby was leading more of a ferrel existence in the back garden. Her hutch door stood propped ajar so she could come and go as she pleased grazing on the lawn and nibbling at the various plants growing in the borders.

Every morning when I let the cats out it was with great relief that I would find an unscathed Ruby, sitting on the patio looking in at me through the French windows! A deep rooted sense of self-preservation that all rabbits have had seen her safely through another night! Although it didn’t stop me from having dreams of Ruby being snatched up in the talons of a hungry raptor! Knowing her, she would not being going anywhere she didn’t want to!!