I used to travel with an alarm clock but I found that I didn’t need it as the majority of my client’s pets are only too happy to provide me with a wake-up call! Usually, their idea of an appropriate time to get out of bed and mine do not come close. As it turns out my feline charges are the most ingenious when it comes to separating me from whichever duvet I’d be under that week. I’ve had cats sitting on my head, scratching my nose, lying on my bladder, dribbling in my ear, attacking my feet and the one that was guaranteed to get my attention, faking throwing-up a fur ball, although, as the cat was long-haired I could never be too sure if he was faking or not!

The remodelling of the ragdoll cat’s home saw the removal of their cat-flap which meant that I had to resume my role as moggy door-person! As I’d put down a clean litter-tray, water and plenty of biscuits for Alfie and Dolly before retiring to bed I didn’t think it was unreasonable to expect a lie-in the next morning. However, the cats had other ideas! Their plaintive meows and stomping up and down my pillows didn’t provoke the desired response from me so Alfie started to bite my elbow! That only led to me pulling the duvet up over my head. It was 6 am after all!! Unfortunately, devious Dolly for all her blue-eyed gorgeousness, knows that if she attacks the valance or claws the carpet her actions will lead to exactly what she wants, the opening of the back door!!