Up on the hills above Bossington the other day I met an elderly couple out walking their elderly dog. Tor bounded up to them as he does to everyone, wagging his tail and poking his nose in their crotches!

“That’s a nice German Pointer.’ The lady smiled, pushing Tor’s snout away ineffectually.

“He’s an English Pointer.” I responded trying to grab Tor’s collar so I could attach his lead.

“He looks like a German Pointer to me!’ Replied the woman frowning.

“I have it on good authority from his owners that he is an English Pointer!” I told her firmly as she eyed Tor doubtfully.

By now the elderly gentleman with the elderly springer spaniel had caught up with us. The springer was making some rather threatening noises so I thought it best to say goodbye and get my two charges out-of-the-way. As I strode off I overheard the man say to the woman.

“That’s a nice German Pointer!”