Day three of my sit for The Freathy Feline Five and I feel decidedly bleary. I am slowly getting used to the new property, a different mattress and the constant comings and goings of five semi-feral cats, all of who use my bed as a thoroughfare to the window, stomping up and down on my pillow, whilst yowling, until I let them out. Not only have my nights been disturbed but I get to set my alarm for four o’clock in the morning in order to give Black Cat his heart medication an hour before the next pill which precedes his breakfast. Espresso coffee is the only thing keeping me from falling asleep on the computer’s keyboard!

If rising at four in the morning wasn’t demanding enough, getting a small pill down a reluctant, wriggling moggy whilst I’m not fully conscious is certainly a challenge. I have discovered that coating the tablet in butter eases the procedure, as long as I am able to keep a hold of the greasy capsule!

“What want!” Black Cat, leader of The Freathy Feline Five, eyed me warily as I approached the sofa with his afternoon, buttery, pharmaceuticals on a piece of kitchen roll. His recumbent form tensed somewhat. I followed Black Cat’s gaze towards the front door and observed that the I had forgotten to lock the cat-flap. Before I was able to utter “Open wide!” B.C. was off the sofa and heading for freedom. In an attempt to grab the fleeing feline I tried to flying-tackle his furry behind. We were both brought up short by the sudden appearance of Mehmet’s expansive bulk foiling any escape. Black Cat swerved sharply and shot off in the direction of the bedroom. I was left, lying on my stomach, nose to whiskers with the startled Mehmet before he too, disappeared at speed, backwards through the cat-flap!