It’s coming to the end of my extended sit for The Plaidy Lady and the sun is shining again, whether if will last I don’t know having fallen asleep before last night’s shipping forecast was aired.

This month’s weather seems to be suffering from mood swings with sunshine and butterflies one day then raging, wild, turbulence the next, sometimes all in the same twenty-four hours!

Wednesday morning was glorious, just right for yomping the dogs to Seaton, although I had only intended to take them as far as Millendreath. They were both full of beans and going so well I decided to walk them a little further. I let my canine companions charge up and down Black Rock beach for a while then Herc found himself a suitable rock to carry, which he did, all the way to Seaton!

After a few taxing hills and some stunning scenery, made all the more impressive by the radiant sun, we arrived at Seaton in reasonably fine fettle, although in need of a sit down and a bowl of water each. Thankfully my nearest and dearest was there to meet me for a coffee and to provide us with transport home.

The following morning’s walk, I say walk it was more of a stagger, took place in completely different conditions. High winds had whipped-up the roiling sea sending spumes of surf across the road into people’s gardens like a mad Cornish foam party! Despite the violent weather we accomplished our mission to buy more bird food for George, the feral ornamental pigeon. Unfortunately he hasn’t been seen for a few days now and could’ve quite easily been blown of course to Plymouth?!

Having managed to stay on my feet, using the dogs as anchors, I returned the soggy canines safely home to drip in the conservatory whilst I towelled them dry. Mopping-up after wet Labradors proved much easier than trying to get a brush through my windswept, salty, tangled hair!