Sadly, The Freathy Feline Five are now four, Black Cat having died suddenly last month. Despite the rather large hole he’s left it is good to be caring for the gang again.  They are such endearing characters that I have given them nicknames! What their owners would think of this I’m not sure.  Timmy has become Tufty Tim because his ears bare a passing resemblance to those of a red squirrel! Sparkle has become Tina Sparkles, although she hasn’t seen Strictly Ballroom she does seem happy to go with it and Mehmet will always be The Monumental. Thomas, however, appears non-plussed by his pseudonym, Tomasz Schafernaker, a nod to the BBC’s weather man, he still ignores me, the cat not Mr Schafernaker!

Tufty Tim was a bit of a wild child, a semi-feral and independent kitten, he has become such a trusting sole and is more than happy to flop down and roll over for a tummy tickle whenever he sees me. This could be submission or a ploy to lead me into a false sense of security for the day he finally uses his very sharp fangs and claws on my forearm!!!

Now that Black Cat is no longer with us the premises have been left open to invasion! B.C. patrolled the perimeters and if your name wasn’t on his list, you weren’t getting in! Our invader is another black cat, lean and angular.  He is very vocal and quite affectionate but he is not Black Cat and The Freathy Feline Four are not happy about his presence on their turf!  The invasion started innocently enough with the black cat sitting on the garden path, just inside the gate.  As non of us moved him on he took this for a clear sign that it was fine for him to enter the chalet and help himself to the cat food!  I caught him slinking out of the cat flap and thought no more of it until, ten minutes later I found him in my Client’s bedroom curled up on their bed!  He left abruptly they way he’d got in, scrambling through the open window!