On my return from Somerset in April, where I spent an idyllic week pet sitting  in the picturesque village of Selworthy,  I was appalled when my client there rang to tell me that her beloved cat, Tubs,  had been poisoned!  The poor creature had managed to make it home but died before reaching the vets.  My client was told that her cat had most likely died from arsenic or strychnine poisoning.  Hearing that Tubs had died in such a horrible way was very upsetting.

Whilst discussing the death of my poor client’s cat with a friend they told me about their neighbour who, prior to the strychnine ban in 2006, had been having problems with foxes killing his lambs.  In the end the frustrated farmer baited a dead lamb with strychnine and left it in the field overnight.  The next morning the bait had certainly been taken and there by the carcass was the body of a vixen along with a dead magpie, several dead crows and shockingly, the corpse of a dog!  According to my friend, their neighbour never used strychnine again.

Sadly, despite my client contacting the local police, no light was shed on who was responsible for her cat’s untimely death.