I have just completed three cat sits in a row and I am now looking forward to some dog walking!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed sitting on the felines, it’s just that they weren’t big on going for walks, unless it was over to their food bowls and back to thier beds!  I have known a cat that, unprompted, did join me whilst I exercised their canine companion but we had to keep stopping for them to have a wash!  Providing I was there for meal times and available in the evenings for tummy tickling, the cat’s tummies not mine, my days were mostly my own.

Several of my clients have greenhouses and vegetable plots which I water along with colourful hanging baskets and pots of flowers. I found it quite therapeutic to be out in their gardens weilding a watering can or hosepipe whilst the felines of the house looked on with an air of `you can’t get the staff these days!’.  I’m not, however, very good with Orcids or as I discovered recently, cucumbers, having killed both by overwatering them!