After three cat sits in a row I was looking forward to taking my next client’s schnauzers out for some exercise. Monty, having young legs, was well-up for a good yomp but his companion Chloe, being quite elderly, would make do with an `airing!’

“Just take her as far as the poo-bin.” My clients suggested. “You’ll need to be very patient with her, she’s not keen on leaving her basket these days.”

The dog waste bin is a couple of minutes walk from the house or perhaps I should say that it is a couple of minutes from the house if you’re not Chloe!  Once my charge had emptied herself she saw absolutely no reason to continue with our perambulation and stopped to sniff at every leaf, lamp-post, garden wall, curb-stone and discarded piece of litter we came to.  I say sniff, I think at times it was a cunning ploy to use the pause to turn back!  It took us twenty-five minutes at Chloe’s pace to arrive at our destination and much to my surprise, only five minutes to return home!!