It was shortly after something around my hip went `twang’ and I found myself  bent double, staring at my feet that I noticed how much in need of a good Strimmer my legs were!  Not only that, but they glowed white in the sunlight that fell on them from the bathroom window. “Blimey!” I thought  “It has been a long time since they saw the light of day.”  I don’t think I have ever had a decent tan, I am usually stripy. Not since I was a baby and my Mother used to slather me in Bergasol lotion and sit me in my pram on the back step in the sunshine have I been an even golden brown and then I had nappy tan-lines!

Putting on a pair of trousers and bending to tie-up my walking boots is proving uncomfortable at the moment so I have been forced to bare my legs and resorted to dog walking in a skirt and slip-on shoes, which isn’t always be practical, but has had the added benefit of making my Significant Other a very happy man!