I stepped out of the shower the other morning and as I bent to dry my legs something in the area of my hip went `twang!’ “Whoops!” I uttered, or words to that effect.  As I stood naked and dripping in a position resembling a ski-jumper taking off from a ramp at the Winter Olympics, it occurred to me that if I couldn’t straighten up and dress myself walking two enormous, hairy-bear dogs the next day might prove tricky?!  Thankfully, after waddling about the bathroom in a rather undignified but necessary fashion, I emerged from our smallest room fully clothed if still rather stooped!

As things turned out my client rang the following morning to tell me that both her dogs were emptying themselves copiously and  she felt that they were too unwell to leave with me, so she would not be going away.  I commiserated with my client and wished the dogs a speedy recovery.  Breathing a sigh of relief I replaced the receiver and hobbled off in search of another tube of `Deep Heat!’