I was about to start packing my case the other day and surveyed the odd assortment of tired looking garments that I use for my pet sits.  Not very professional I thought to myself as I picked up a long-sleeved top with several holes in it.  I had been bemoaning the fact that non of my dog walking trousers fitted properly or looked particularly smart to my Mother when she mentioned still having a pair of my old cord jodhpurs packed away in the attic.  I gave them a go, discovering that as I strode along the country lanes in them my heavily clad corduroy thighs made an embarrassing whistling noise!  That and the warm weather deterred me from putting them in my case.  Not having sat astride a horse for some years I was unaware that equestrian fashion had moved on considerably.  Having had a quick look on the internet I found a site that sold stretch. cotton jodhpurs and breaches, cool, comfortable and hard wearing, ideal I thought.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time before leaving for my sit to send away for them so I headed to a local farmer’s supply store that had a sideline in horsy garb.  I finally found what I was after and began to sift through the more muted colours.  There was nothing in my size.  I moved over to a rail of garish fuchsia pink jodhpurs and low and behold a pair that had to fit.  Being in a hurry I didn’t try them on, something I don’t normally do.  I returned home to finish my packing and have something to eat before catching the train to Somerset.

The first damp, cool morning of my sit I delved into my case and fished out my new purchase, the jodhpurs seemed to glow in the dimly lit cottage bedroom.  As I hopped about trying to get the jods on I just knew I would stick out like a sore thumb wandering the woodland paths in them!  I stood and looked at myself in the full length bedroom mirror, holy carp they made my bum look enormous!!  The lurid. puce colour was not flattering at all and unless I wanted to attract a baboon I was better off wearing my old track suit bottoms instead!!  The moral of this story being? Always keep your receipts!