Now that I’m nearing fifty I find it ever challenging to stop the unwanted hairs from taking over my chin and upper lip!  It seems very unfair that just when I need it the most my eyesight is deteriorating!  One of the things I miss from home whilst I’m away for long periods of time, is my super illuminated, magnifying-mirror, a Christmas present from my Mother.  Thankfully, it doesn’t matter to the animals I look after if my eye-brows do sometimes resemble those of Denis Healey, I find having a long fringe helps on such occasions.

Arriving at this sit I discovered I’d left my glasses at home, not that it mattered as the cottage is so dim, without a single sixty watt bulb in the place to be of any help or a suitable mirror!  Frustratingly, I could feel the hairs on my chin and attempted as if reading braille, with some degree of success, to remove them.  It does gives me a boost to receive a compliment about my appearance, what woman doesn’t appreciate being told she is beautiful.  I did have  to raise my ‘unibrow’ recently though, when MJP told me over dinner that my moustache was coming on nicely!