The Ragdoll cats are fascinated with the large, male squirrel who arrives early every morning and raids the bird feeders.  Dolly sits and watches the squirrel at his repast from a safe distance but Alfie likes to get up-close-and-personal by sitting directly under the bird-table.  The other morning, whilst Dolly still slumbered on my bed and I was struggling to open a sachet of cat food, I noticed `Cyril the Squirrel’ running along the garden fence towards the feeders.  My clients have given up on trying to `squirrel proof’ the bird table and asked that every day I throw a handful of peanuts onto the lawn for their cheeky visitor.  Having successfully opened the cat’s breakfast, Dolly had finally put in an appearance, I served it to them and then went outside.  My presence in the garden caused the squirrel to panic, something I hadn’t witnessed him do when the cats were about, if anything Cyril was rather brazen in front of them.  On several occasions I had watched him retrieving peanuts from the grass as if he had all the time in the world whilst Alfie looked on livid. Then, as the Ragdoll cat readied himself for a rushed assault on the squirrel, Cyril was up the garden fence with a flick of his tail which could only be read as “Missed me!”