As is usual in the house of The Freathy Feline Four, Mehmet the Magnificent, had taken over one of the pillows on my bed.  So again last night I found myself trying to slip under the duvet without disturbing him.  We were soon joined by Tufty-Tim, who attacked the bedclothes whenever I moved my feet and Sparkle, her visit was brief the bed being rather crowded for her liking.  Having contorted my body to accommodate the cats I eventually fell asleep only to be woken by Mehmet standing on my head as he heaved himself up onto the window sill.  It was still dark and felt far to early to let him out so I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.  This did not go down well with Mehmet who, disgruntled, dropped heavily onto  the pillow beside me.  He sat for a few minutes without stirring. so I ignored him and began to drift towards oblivion.  Bam! I was startled into consciousness by a firm paw, claws retracted, to the forehead.  Mehmet obviously meant business and this time I obliged him by opening the bedroom window so that he and Tufty-Tim could go out into the night.