Having survived a busy Christmas working in retail I am now enjoying a well earned break and looking forward to sitting on some poodles later this month!

It must have been at least three years since I was last employed as a `Till Jockey.’  Most things came back to me though, a bit like riding a bicycle but without the bike and of course I didn’t have to sit on a cash-register! My time spent temping for the Library Service served me well when it came to selling reading matter at Bookland.  I did, however, find shelving their non-fiction a challenge without the aid of the dewey decimal system.  It did occur to me that I hadn’t read a lot of the books brought to my till but had heard them serialised on Radio 4 or seen them as films!

It made a nice change to be in the world of two legged work instead of four. I think I impressed my colleagues by getting through the festive madness without crying.  Several times it was remarked that I was very cheerful, to which I replied, it was probably due to the drugs! Of course, I was only joking, it was the double espresso with two sugars that I’d neck before starting my shift each morning which got me through the day!

It is said that a change is as good as a rest and I certainly feel like I have had both. So bring on the heavy duty poo-bags  and may you all have a very happy and healthy 2016!