I rediscovered this photo of myself, with Oz the German Pointer, taken in Somerset some years ago.  It was looking after him, two cats and four hens that inspired me to become a pet sitter.

Having returned to England after spending some time abroad, I was delighted when an old friend asked me to take care of her animals whilst she rode across India for charity.

Looking after the ancient cottage and it’s menagerie of loveable creatures for a month proved such a life affirming experience that I decided to join a pet sitting agency. I found several who  advertised in The Lady magazine but was disappointed to learn that non of the agencies, at that time, employed anyone under sixty!  Not being one to take no for an answer, I decided to start my own business taking care of people’s pets in their homes where they were happiest. As I had very little in the way of savings at the time, it was a few years before I felt confident enough to take the plunge.