Some things are beyond anyone’s control, like the last minute cancellations I had recently.  I think you could say that they were due to `Acts of God!’

This unplanned `holiday’ has been very usefully spent catching-up with friends and family.  I also re-discovered some `odd-jobs’ that I’d neglected doing, finally tackling the growing pile of mending I had shoved to the back of my wardrobe.  I didn’t realize how therapeutic shredding  old paper work could be and as for de-cluttering!

I have also been experiencing an un-intentional `digital-detox!’ No more home broadband or smart phone for me.  Instead I have had to dust off my old non singing or dancing mobile and trudge up the road to use my local library’s computer suite.  Although this situation was more down to finances than mindfulness I must admit to finding my world has not imploded from the lack of digital devices.  The only thing I do miss about my smart phone is its camera, this I solved by buying a second hand Canon Pure Shot!