“You might want to make your phone calls in another room,” my client warned me, “he swears,” she grinned “and he’ll tell you when to go to bed.”

I haven’t heard Jasper, the African Grey parrot, use any profanities yet, perhaps he’s saving them up for when we have the Vicar to tea? He does like to call me a Janner though and as I was born in  Plymouth, I am not offended in the least.

I told his owners that I would teach him some new words but it appears that he is using `mind-control` on me and that I am copying his whistles and phrases parrot fashion!

We had a bit of a misunderstanding the other day when Jasper mistook my finger for a piece of banana.  Although I’m not entirely sure it was a mistake because he shuffled up his perch and chuckled to himself as my blood dripped onto the kitchen floor!

Despite his foray into the world of phlebotomy, I find Jasper a very entertaining bird but I shall be keeping a close eye on all my digits whilst I’m here!