“We’re waiting for Pippa to come into season, these are her sexy knickers.” My client handed me a plastic bag. “You’ll need them for when she starts!” The black, elasticated `hygiene pants’ with a hole in the seat for a tail, looked anything but alluring to me, I wondered what George would make of them?!

“If George becomes a problem you’ll need to separate them.” Warned my clients before they left.  Thankfully, the only thing George seems interested in humping at the moment is his bedding, so Pip is safe for now.

I decided it might be a good idea to try the item of canine intimate apparel on Pippa before we needed to use them. She is however, such a wriggly, excitable puppy we were soon having  a wrestling match which she thought was a great game!  Unfortunately, the no-mess-no-stress pants proved to be rather stressful for me and rather small for the pup!

“Blimey Pippa, your bum really is too big in this!” I told her.  As luck would have it my clients had bought the next size up in doggy undies, which I found on the dresser, tucked behind a box of chicken flavored Bonio dog biscuits.  I had to agree with the blurb on the packaging these (and the pants) would keep tails wagging.IMG_0483