The tennis ball clamped between Pippa’s jaws was brand new and just after this photo was taken it disappeared. Possibly stolen by our resident mole I thought, until I stumbled upon it, concealed by the tussocky grass. I was so happy, it was  like reuniting with a lost love after many years apart! You might think I was over-reacting a tad but these balls are like gold dust!

My clients had left us with a carrier bag full of tennis balls, a week into my sit, with another two to go, and we only had a couple of them left! Today, however, after rediscovering one old favorite, more came to light and we returned from the field with five balls in total, the most yet!

For such a young dog Pip’s retrieve (after all she is a retriever) and recall is excellent. George is good but often gets distracted by his digging!  I have, so far, managed not to fall down any of his holes. As the grass grows longer however, I fear that it is only a matter of time before I do!