It wasn’t until I reached my forties that I accidentally tucked the back of my skirt into my tights! Thankfully I was wearing a longish coat at the time! Now, aged forty-eight, I’m finding all sorts of odd things are happening to me. I have left home, on more than one occasion, still wearing my reading glasses or with my pants on inside out. I have worn my jeans and wondered why they felt uncomfortable only to discover, on further inspection, a discarded pair of knickers down one trouser leg!

I have always been someone who has felt the cold, now I am throwing off garments and throwing open windows! Before you get any ideas, I haven’t started stripping in public, just in private! Natural fabrics are my friends and when I shop for new clothes these days I disregarding man-made fibres that don’t `breath’ for cottons that do.

Fortunately the night sweats are few and far between but I do seem to be coming up to the boil in temperature and temperament, more often than I’d like. It is the lack of sleep that I find hard to cope with, it affects my patience, especially with my Significant Other, maybe it’s just as well we aren’t in each others company much at the moment. I doubt the animals in my care have noticed anything untoward, perhaps they wonder why I spend a lot of time staring into an open fridge, for the cool air moistly and to try to work out what the Hell it was I wanted from it?!