The sight of a double-decker bus wending its way around the narrow coastal roads of South East Cornwall seems rather incongruous to me.  I’m sure the drivers are very considerate of pedestrians but I still feel the need to throw myself into the hedge whenever one passes me!

When I’m not using my feet to get about I rely on public transport.  During my first pet-sit at Freathy I was pleased to discover the area was served by an hourly bus service, unlike some places in Cornwall where they run every two hours or less!  Travelling by double-decker brings out the kid in me.  I would take on any school child or holiday maker to get a coveted seat upstairs at the front, especially as the views of the coastline are so spectacular.

On a recent bus trip to visit Mount Edgcumbe Country Park I was very impressed by our driver’s skill in manoeuvring his vehicle when we met a coach on a narrow but thankfully straight piece of road.  It became clear that the driver of the charabanc wasn’t familiar with the route and sat impassively staring back through his windscreen at our driver, who took charge of the situation.  With trepidation we watched the busses as they were inched backwards and forwards until finally both conveyances edged passed each other to a round of applause from all on board!