Having made sure the menagerie in my care were settled in their respective beds, I retired to mine with its comfortable memory foam mattress, bliss!  No sooner had I  switched off my bedside lamp than Lizzie the lurcher hopped onto my duvet and curled up beside me!  A little later the puppy scrambled up to join us and I had to get comfortable all over again. Around dawn, the cats put in an appearance. Dangerous Dave preferring to settle at my feet and Traci Treats on my pillow, where she purred and contentedly dribbled into my ear! Next morning  I awoke convinced that I was in the throws of a menopausal hot flush, only to realize that I was overheating due to all the pets on my bed!

On another occasion I was roused from a particularly enjoyable dream in which the actor Toshiro Mifune was caressing the soft skin of my underarm. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered it was in fact the puppy licking my armpit!