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My Father was not a man who believed in deodorant, although he was not averse to splashing on plenty of `Old Splice’ when he shaved. Much to my Mother’s frustration, Dad saved the expensive bottles of aftershave she bought him for birthdays and Christmases for special occasions like, birthdays and Christmas.

Put off by her nearest and dearest smelling like chemical toilet cleaner after liberally doused himself from a bottle of `Brutal’ again, my Mother in desperation, started pouring the offending liquid down the wash-hand basin plug hole!  This she did a-little-at-a-time, even so my poor Father noticed that his aftershave was going down quicker than normal and with consternation asked Mum if she’d been using it.

“You will leave it on the windowsill Alec,” Mum retorted “I expect it’s evaporating!’