As the days grew hotter The Hairy Bear Dog became more lethargic, whiling away the hours sleeping in the shade until the cool evening air revived her and she would decided it was time to play!

Settling down to watch highlights of the day’s Olympic events one evening I was joined by canine charge. She ambled in and plonked herself right in front of the television.  It was impossible to see the screen for all the auburn fur.  The Hairy One looked directly at me and barked in my face “PLAY!”  I moved to one side, trying to look around the Dog Mountain but it was no use.  A second, loud, deep bark reverberated about the lounge whilst, from upstairs, the sounds of thuds, clunks and bonks filtered down as the cats performed their own gymnastic event of ‘up and over’ the bedroom furniture.  I sighed heavily and got up to turn off the telly, this was not going to be my night!