Although I have been caught in several downpours since starting my sit here, it is evident that the area has had little rain for some time.  Selworthy Green especially looks parched and my clients told me their horses are grazing something that more resembles chaff than grass!

Tuesday dawned warm and sunny so I set off early with the dogs to avoid the heat of the day and chose the shady woods instead of the more exposed paths that criss-cross the heath.  IMG_1446As I ambled along the silent tracks with Gwynn at my heals and Tor loping ahead it felt like we had stumbled into the forests of Narnia not a popular area with walkers and tourists.

By eleven o’clock the the heat was becoming uncomfortable, even in the shade and despite stopping to let the dogs drink from St Agnes Fountain, their tongues were still touching the ground, so we headed back to the cottage where it was pints of water all round.