It was the mouth-watering aroma of cakes baking that drew me into the dog friendly garden of Kitnor’s Tea Room in Bossington on the Somerset coast.

A few of the sunny tables on the lawn were already occupied by patrons enjoying the fine summer weather but I chose to sit next to a budhlia, which afforded my canine charges some shade.  I nodded ‘hello’ as I passed a  couple who were feeding their enormous Irish Wolfhound slices of ham from their plate.

“Don’t get any ideas!”  I told Gwynn and Tor, who were eyeing the charcuterie with great interest.

As I waited in the pretty garden for my order to be taken, I wondered if Tor, a three-year old English pointer, would allow me to stay long enough to enjoy more than a cup of coffee. He is not usually a dog that likes to have his walks interrupted, tending to whine if I stop to admire the view or take a photo.  To my relief, after his initial protest at having his run curtailed, he did settle down.  Gwynn, the springer spaniel, was far more relaxed about things and sat by my chair trying to catch flies!

I had been disappointed to discover that the tea-rooms on Selworthy Green had been taken over by new people whose carrot cake was not up to my exacting standards.  It turned out however, that the Kitnor’s did!  I sat contentedly with my cake fork poised in one hand and the dog leads in the other, my attention momentarily distracted from my plate by the Wolfhound’s owners asking if I knew the area well.

“Watch-out!” The passing waitress alerted me. “You’ve a sparrow helping itself to your cake.”  I turned quickly to see the bird, who’d been beak deep in the cream-cheese frosting, beat a retreat to the budhlia.

Between fending off the sparrow and Tor who, being a tall dog was just the right hight to get his chops on the table and my plate! I decided that my next visit to the tea-rooms would be dog free and I would sit inside!