I do occasionally have to remind myself to look up!'  Although necessity often dictates that I watch where I place my feet, especially when the terrain is rough. I have learnt from experience not to look up when I'm walking downhill, doing so usually results in me going `base over apex!’

Walking with my canine charges in such outstanding area of natural beauty as The Holnicotte Estate it is impossible not to keep stopping to take in the many stunning views of the Exmoor landscape.

But if I didn’t look down, it would be easy to miss the smaller treasures that the woods and heathland have to offer as the seasons change.  The puffball mushroom resembling a golf ball or wild cyclamen, vibrant in the shade of the trees and the different lichens growing on fallen branches.

As the  sessile oak, ash and hazel shed their leaves the resulting  litter forms deep, russet blankets throughout the  woodlands that make a satisfying crunch under my boots and remind me of long past Autumnal days spent baking with my Mother when we would mix dry Cornflakes into a bowl of melted chocolate to make crunchy Sunday tea-time treats.