Vulnerable and living rough under a van in the busy Balkan town of Nessebar, the grubby ginger and white kitten was having to fend for himself, until the day he was discovered by my clients who were holidaying in the area. They, having a soft spot for waifs and strays adopted him on the spot!

During a phone call home my clients told me that they had been feeding the kitten and with the hotel Manager’s permission, installed the tiny creature and a litter tray in their room. As it turned out the kitten had a natural disposition for using the `indoor plumbing’ and did not need to be house trained.

Having given himself a thorough clean, `the kitten’, he was yet to receive his name, spent his first night with his human family curled up between them in their hotel bed where he purred and purred until he slept.

The day came for my clients to leave Nessebar and the new member of the family who, without a pet passport, could not travel with them.  It was arranged that the Receptionist, also a cat lover, would take the kitten home to be looked after by his Mother until it was old enough to be neutered and have all its shots. My Clients would  then return to fly the feline back to England with them. The Receptionist was so kind and helpful that the ginger and white bundle of cuteness  was named `Angel’ after him.