After an initial delay boarding Angel onto the plane in Bulgaria, he finally landed safely at Bristol Airport where he was reunited with his humans.  The bewildered moggy travelled well and spent his first few weeks living in my client’s spare room before being introduced to the rest of his new fur family.

Unfortunately Mehmet, the black and white male cat my clients had rescued whilst on holiday in Turkey some years ago, took exception to the new addition attacking Angel whenever he could.  The Vet suggested putting Mehmet on feline `chill pills’, at a very low dose, which seemed to do the trick and things became slightly more harmonious between them.

As with all kittens Angel is full of energy and full of mischief, tearing about the chalet expecting the other cats to play.  I’m sure that if Tufty-Tim and Thomas had been younger they may well have been more obliging but the novelty of being  leapt on by an over excited ginger and white tornado quickly became too much for either of them to bear and the senior boys soon rediscovered old hiding places in an attempt to get some peace.

Despite the occasional temper flare-up' from Mehmet, usually when the `chill-pills’ start to wear off, the Freathy Feline Three have become  more tolerant of their newest member and seem resigned to the fact that life is never dull when there’s a ginger ninja on the prowl!